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Meso Therapy Vytal Cell Boost by Amiea

Meso Therapy Vytal Cell Boost by Amiea        

only available with highly trained and registered therapists. Of course, we have them here at New Image! this new and very effective treatment is pain and risk free. healthy, firm, young looking  skin is on everybody’s wish list! not all of us are ready for cosmetic injections but feel the need for some extra help to boost our skin and refresh your complexion. this is very different from any other treatment you may have experienced. It is very powerful but is not painful and even though you may be a bit pink in the face afterwards the colour recedes within a hour.


we recommend that you use moisturiser that contain hylaronic acid, many of Dermalogic products contain this ingredient (Skin Smoothing Cream, Overnight Repair serum, Sheer Tint moisture and the new Primer). it is suitable for males and females


this treatment encourages an increase in collagen which  helps to smooth out the signs of ageing and freshens up your complexion. there are 3 different serums depending on your skin needs. we anticipate that by far the most popular will be the blue med which incorporates hylaronic as one of its main ingredients.It helps to prevent the onset of ageing skin with vitamin peptides which actively discourage new lines and wrinkles forming. the treatment begins with a gentle AHA acid peel which mainly acts as a exfoliant. then using a new cartridge system we implant the chosen formula right into the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis.

one off sessions available but the real benefits require a course of 6 sessions,1 per week.

Meso therapy  Vytal gets down deep for a visible difference. Safe, and painless it can be used on face, neck or décolletage. this procedure to reduce fine lines and wrinkles will have all your friends guessing! 


single session normally £90

course of 6 £420

special Offer for our regular Caci clients- providing you have completed both a 10 session course of Caci facials and a course of 6 Meso sessions you can maintain the benefits by combining the lifting of Caci with the plumping of Meso in one facial - only £90 per monthly session. We call this the Caci Meso Lift facial.

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we accept cash, cheques and all major UK credit/debit cards.